Gamify your task completion in monday.com.

Give it a try today - for free.

Easy to install. Simply:
1. Install the app into your account
2. Add integration into your boards
3. Add dashboard widget
4. Watch your team members grow!

How to install.

The app is easy and quick to install.

1. Install App

Add the app into your account (admin access required)

2. Add Integration to Boards

For each board you want to 'earn XP' from simply add the integration and select the 'Status' and 'People' Columns.

3. Add the Dashboard Widget

Add the Dashboard / View Widget and watch your team members get added as soon as they do an 'XP' event.

4. Customize your own Avatar

You can customize your own Avatar and Name based on your style. Every task completed will earn you XP to level up!

Custom avatars for true personalization

Whether you consider yourself a Paladin, a holy warrior of the light, or a Necromancer, we have avatars that express your personality and style.

Frequently asked questions.

Quick answers to common questions!

How do I earn Experience Points 'XP'?

As long as the app is installed and the integration is added to your boards correctly (select status and person columns!) you will earn XP for every task completed you're assigned to (based on the integration setting chosen).

How do I 'level up' my avatar?

Levelling up is automatic once you earn enough XP for your current level to progress to the next one. Simply hover your mouse over your XP bar to see the exact values. Note that the higher your levels the more XP is needed to level up!

I'm level 30 but can't level up anymore, why?

Our current 'free plan' allows for 30 levels. We will be releasing a premium version that increases the maximum level cap and offers more exciting customization features - stay tuned!

How long do I wait for my XP to be added to my avatar?

The XP gain is practically instant but will typically take a few seconds to be reflected on your avatar. Hover your mouse over your XP bar to see the exact XP amount to troubleshoot. If your avatar isn't updating after a minute double check the integration is correct then reach out to us if it's still not working!