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James B. Lindsay

Enhanced Analytics

Is your company looking to enhance their analytics capabilities? Many companies are learning that focusing only on a small portion of metrics doesn't cut it. Many, especially ecommerce, are focusing on metrics like Retention and Referral to grow their business.

5 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Attribution

Do you see that a lot of your traffic is coming from Direct or Referral? There may be issues with how Google Analytics is set up on your website. There’s likely also issues with how your visitor cookies are being stored.

Setting Business Goals for Better Analytics

By defining real business goals that are tied to generating revenue you can start using analytics to increase revenues.

Webinar Recording: Marketing Analytics vs Product Analytics - What's the difference?

We hosted a webinar where we invited guest speakers from prominent digital companies in Hong Kong. The topic was Marketing Analytics vs Product Analytics... a topic not everyone really thinks too deeply about but one that's very important.

Google刚刚推出的Google Analytics(分析)4 - 现在给大家介绍前4个令人兴奋的功能!

Google Analytics 4(也称为App + Web)是为Google Analytics(分析)发布的一项令人兴奋的新功能。实际上,它甚至不是功能,而是全新的Google Analytics(分析)体验。如果您想了解更多有关如何开始使用新物业的信息,可以直接与我们联系,我们将竭诚为您服务。

Google Just Launched Analytics 4 - Here's are our top 4 exciting features available right NOW!

Google Analytics 4 (formally known as App + Web) is an exciting new feature released for Google Analytics. In fact, it's not even a feature... it's an entirely new Google Analytics experience. In this article we discuss the benefits, tradeoffs, and reasons why you should start using it as soon as possible!