Mixpanel is a user behaviour and product analytics platform.

How we develop Analytics Tracking Plans

Develop an air-tight Tracking Plan with these 3 steps and take your Analytics to the next level.

Enhanced Analytics

Is your company looking to enhance their analytics capabilities? Many companies are learning that focusing only on a small portion of metrics doesn't cut it. Many, especially ecommerce, are focusing on metrics like Retention and Referral to grow their business.

Setting Business Goals for Better Analytics

By defining real business goals that are tied to generating revenue you can start using analytics to increase revenues.

Webinar Recording: Marketing Analytics vs Product Analytics - What's the difference?

We hosted a webinar where we invited guest speakers from prominent digital companies in Hong Kong. The topic was Marketing Analytics vs Product Analytics... a topic not everyone really thinks too deeply about but one that's very important.

Proactive Analytics – A Lean Approach to Web Analytics and Digital Strategy

Harness the full potential of web analytics. Proactive Analytics is a method for bringing your analytics game to the next level.